NOTICE: None of these questions and answers constitute legal advice.  To
obtain legal advice, consult with an attorney. This is especially important
in divorce and family law matters, in which outcomes are often peculiar to
the particular facts and circumstances of the case.
    What Are Your Most Important Concerns As
    You Face Divorce?

    If you are facing divorce for the first time, you undoubtedly
    have many questions and concerns. If this is not your first
    divorce, your circumstances and what you have on the line are
    likely far different today. Laws change and evolve — just as
    people do.


    What is a "legal separation"? Is a "no-fault" divorce possible?
    What evidence is needed to prove adultery? When is someone
    legally justified in leaving? For answers to these and other
    questions about grounds for divorce, click here.

    Custody and Visitation

    Before there is a court order, who has custody? What factors
    does a court consider in making a custody decision? Do
    mothers have an advantage in custody proceedings? For
    answers to these and other questions about custody and
    visitation, click here.


    What is alimony? Is there a formula for determining alimony?
    When does it start? How long does it last? For answers to
    these and other questions about alimony, click here.

    Child Support

    How is child support determined? What counts as income?
    Does overtime count? Can a parent avoid owing child support
    by taking a lower paying job? Is child support affected by
    whether the child was born when the parents were married?
    For answers to these and other questions about child
    support, click here.

    Marital Property

    Is Maryland a "community property" state? Is each spouse
    entitled to half of their property? Is there a formula for
    dividing property? How are gifts and inheritances treated? Can
    one spouse be forced to pay debts of the other? For answers
    to these and other questions about marital property, click here.

    Retirement Assets

    What types of retirement accounts are at issue in divorce?  Is
    transfer or distribution of retirement assets required?  How
    are survivor benefits treated?  What is a QDRO?  After
    divorce, can one spouse collect Social Security benefits based
    on the other's record?  For answers to these and other
    questions about retirement and divorce, click here.

    Separation Agreements

    What is a separation agreement? What issues can be
    addressed in a separation agreement? How is a separation
    agreement enforced? What if there is a dispute about what
    the parties meant? For answers to these and other questions
    about separation agreements, click here.


    What is mediation?  How does mediation work?  How long
    does it take?  If a lawsuit has already been filed, is it too late
    to go to mediation? What issues can be mediated?  For
    answers to these and other questions about mediation, click
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